Vision Planning

What is it?
Why do it?

A call to think and pray about God’s future for Christ Community Church of Ames

What is “Vision Proper”?

  • This refers to the living language that anticipates and illustrates God’s better intermediate and long-term future for a church Body. 
  • With trust in God for direction along the way, the Vision Proper process seeks to answer the question, “Lord, where are you taking us (as a church)?”
  • This process challenges us to prayerfully consider and describe (as best we can) the long-term (5-10+ yrs), intermediate-term (3-5 yrs), and short-term (1-3 yrs) opportunities to fulfill our mission – Connecting people to life-defining relationships in Christ.
  • We are familiar with ten-year planning processes (e.g., Vision 2010) and with three-year plan processes (e.g., Strategic Ministry Plans). This process will be similar, but this plan cycle will be rooted in our Vision Frame.

Why do “Vision Proper"?

  • This provides an opportunity to step back, pray, and agree together about a mission-aligned future. Clarity about God’s future can generate unity, excitement, and momentum in moving us toward greater fruitfulness over the next 10+ years.
  • From past experience, we know that God has opportunities for us that cannot be accomplished in a single year. Some of these have taken three to five years or longer to complete. This process challenges us to think and pray in a longer planning window.
  • Vision Proper definition informs ongoing ministry plans (e.g., program, budget, and staffing) to insure resource decisions are aligned with long-term mission outcomes.
  • Now that our mission, values, strategy, and measures (Vision Frame) are known, it is easier to imagine what our tomorrow may look like. The Vision Proper process is an extension – next step – of the Vision Frame execution we have already begun.

Congregational Input

We thank God for our Vision Proper Task team members!  This dedicated team met six times over four months (March – June with Clint Grider, our consultant facilitator) for prayer and discussion about God’s ten year future for Christ Community Ames. 

This group also led a church-wide feedback session around the long-range emphases of “Family Enrichment” and “International Care”.   As of June 6, the “consulting” phase of this plan process has been completed.

Since June 6, Vision Proper Task Team members have been revising a ten year plan proposal for future Congregational review and discussion.  Once the edited draft is completed, it will be available for review and comment by our church Body.   Any proposal regarding our long-range ministry plan will be subject to review with final approval by a vote of church membership.

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