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Pastoral Transition

January 2020

This is a unique season in the life of Christ Community Church, and we’re very excited for all the Lord will show us. This Winter and Spring, the Board and Pastor Transition Team will be working to identify a clear process that will result in a successful transition.

The Pastor Transition Team includes: Scott Beckwith, Jonathan Compton, Beth Hinson, Jessie Borkowski, Wayne Stewart, David Staff, and Brad Heemstra.

This team has been meeting about once a month. The focus of this team’s effort have been as follows:

  • Evaluating different process options to implement
  • Developing a communication plan to make sure the Elders are doing a good job in keeping Staff, Volunteers, Members and the Congregation up to date on key issues
  • Identifying a consultant to help us with the search process
  • Understanding how the transition will impact the overall health of our ministry
  • Caring for our Pastors and Staff during the transition

We are committed to stewarding this season of transition well and ask that you continue to pray for wisdom and discernment.

Next expected update: May 2020




As we go through this process, here are some questions you may have.

Do we have a timeline?

No. At this time the transition team’s job is to lay the groundwork for what’s ahead, culminating in a clear timeline and steps forward. 

At what point do we begin the search process?

The search process is one component of a holistic approach to keeping us on track in the mission God has given us. The transition team is working on the bigger picture at this time, of which the search process is a significant piece. But it should be noted that the transition team is not the search team. We’ll gladly share that part of our journey in the coming season as it becomes clear.

Is it okay to submit names of potential successors at this time?

At this time no names are being received for possible successors. At the point where a search team is assembled, their process will be communicated as well.

Send us your questions

We really value your input. If your question is not answered above, please contact us! All messages will be reviewed and are so important to the process.

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