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Digital Safety Resources

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Check out the individual resources below for different tech, apps, websites, and social media platforms! Or check out these websites for some input on what to do with technology during this time of physical distance and staying home.  If you are interested in doing a 30 Day smartphone...

Fear and Anxiety during a Pandemic

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As parents, when fear and anxiety run rampant you are on the frontlines of not only your emotions but your students as well. Helping them navigate the unknown with confidence in Christ can be daunting. Check out some these resources below! Parents Guide to Fear and Worry This New York Times...

Spring Break and What to do about Rest

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Spring Break is like a much needed respite before the coming of summer. It's great to have an opportunity to slow down and reconnect as students have a week off of school. Check out these parent guides for sleep, sabbath, spring break and Lent for some engaging opportunities to connect with your...

Humility in a Social Media World

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Students are constantly bombarded with expectations and cultural norms of what they should look like and wear, how they should speak, what brands to buy, and what to stand for. Navigating this endless stream can be exhausting and difficult. Constantly keeping up leaves students burned out. Check...

Can Video Games be a Discipleship Opportunity?

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Video Games. Fortnite. YouTube. What do we do with all this? What even is it? Isn't YouTube for watching cat videos (oh boy is there SOO much more)? Is God in all this? If you have heard the names PewDiePie, Fortnite, the Floss or you're wondering what a "day in the life" video is, check out...

Dating and Your Teen

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It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air. Are your teens dating? Is it easy to talk about dating and purity and love? I'm guessing it's a more difficult conversation than chatting about the weather or the newest movie release.  If you're ever stumped in conversation or just don't know...

How do we talk about Tik Tok and Smartphones?

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Gen Z is excited about having the world at their finger tips. They are the first generation to grow up having the technology that others have grown to understand. They are positioned in a unique way to be better equipped with resources at their fingertips! Smartphones have a lot to offer but...

Teaching them to Pray

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Praising, worshiping, and thanking God together sets our hearts on Our Father first. Going to the Lord first with difficulties sets an example and acts as a witness to the great power of our God. As you consider what it may look like for your family to engage in prayer together, to guard your...

Pressure for Success

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Gen Z students are stressed about many things but success in school, sports, music, theatre, and all the other things seems to top the charts. Identity becomes intertwined with these stressors. Failure in one means "failure at life". Where can students find hope? Where can they be grounded to...

Holy Anticipation, Holy Celebration

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Christmastime comes with a multitude of feelings, expectations, and traditions. Families move together, friends are drawn near, Love is celebrated, Hope is born, humanity is redeemed as Jesus becomes flesh.  Festivities, joy, anticipation. We wait and wait for Christmas day. We wait to...

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