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Holy Anticipation, Holy Celebration

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Christmastime comes with a multitude of feelings, expectations, and traditions. Families move together, friends are drawn near, Love is celebrated, Hope is born, humanity is redeemed as Jesus becomes flesh.  Festivities, joy, anticipation. We wait and wait for Christmas day. We wait to...

Under the Surface

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  "Is it harder to find hope in adulthood?" "If depression is feeling disconnected, why is there so much more of it when we are more connected than ever?" "How do you go about helping your friends who are struggling?" "Hard things take work to overcome. How can I do this when I feel so...

Loving God Together: Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength.

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"Daily life presents golden opportunities for conversations about the gospel and the character of God." Families are built together by our creator God and get to spend the everyday mundane hours together. How is your family embracing time together for God's glory? Check out the following...

Family Time: Together when we are Pulled Apart

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The school year is in full swing and fall can often feel like the busiest time of year. Being together despite all the things that tend to pull families apart can be a challenge but is oh-so-important. Time as a family can feel impossible to capture but moments together are what your student...

Jill Thomas: Helping Teens Manage Stress and Thrive

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Stress, anxiety, poor boundaries, anger. All these things can strike in the lives of teens. Jill Thomas, a licensed mental health worker, loves the Lord and has a desire for parents to be equipped as they engage with their teens through the tough stuff.  Watch her workshop from last week...

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