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ALL Thursday evening activities cancelled, Feb 13. No Town Hall, Upward Open Gym or Practices.

Silver Trumpets Blog

A life of Good Works, Propitiation, Is "faith" a "do" and the Reason for Jesus' death -- Questions from October 22, 2017

Posted by David Staff on

Q - 2 Peter 3 speaks of salvation on the day of judgment, and the importance of living a life of good works.  How does this fit into salvation by Christ alone? Answer - Peter makes clear that we have righteousness by faith (cf. 2 Peter 1:1), and he joins the chorus of other NT writers in...

Purgatory, Interpretation, praying in turbulent times, Today and Pre-Reformation Days - Q/A from October 1, 2017

Posted by David Staff on

Q - What are we to think about teachings not in the Bible (example: Purgatory)?  Do you feel that the current Catholic Church has any teachings that are not in the Bible? Over the centuries, as successive generations of Christians have studied scripture, seeking to answer the question...

The Gates of Hell, Hurricanes, Bowling Alleys, including Singles - Questions from September 24 2017 teaching

Posted by David Staff on

Q - Why does the Lord allow hurricanes that kill people? Every day, tragic events kill people.  Every day, the Lord could prevent any and every untimely death.  Every day, the Lord does not prevent the death of tens of thousands around the world.  The Lord has the power, and...

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