Current Series

Storm Strong Families

He's Here

Someone Came to Change the World!

This Christmas season we want to strengthen our understanding, deepen our worship, and mature our passion for the Person of the Word of God.


What Jesus can do with purposeful disciples.

Sinai: Faith in the Wild

You and I – as Jesus’ disciples – are on a most important journey; indeed, THE most important journey. In this life, we are traveling toward a promised resting place, and to live in a promised era of God’s blessing – both of which are beyond our imagination. God has promised it – the place and the era – to those who journey by faith.

So what kind of journey is this? From where have we come, and what is the route, and where are we headed? What’s at stake, and what does it mean to “journey by faith”?

Here's the truth:
God richly rewards
the obedient traveler
of relentless faith
...and it's important to journey well! Join the journey this summer at Christ Community Church!

Like Jesus

Jesus’ foundation for ministry and how we can become more Like Jesus in our personal approach to sharing the gospel.

Radical: Cross & Resurrection

What was so radical about the cross? Why is it God's most important gift to us?  What did it take for God, His Son, and His Spirit to provide such a radical gift? And why are we called to boast in but one thing – God's radical love-gift of the cross? This Easter series will seek to answer these questions – presenting the gospel and calling us to personal, radical, giving love.


I am what I believe about God.

A person is his/her theology. Critically important, then, is to understand who we are in light of who God truly is, and let all of the implications of understanding truth about God have their impact in our lives.

This Winter 2017, our Gather services' teaching will be to explore and apply what God has told us about Himself and, consequently, about us. 

Comfort My People

God's Sovereign Salvation Intercepting a Sinful World

At the heart of Isaiah’s message is God’s purpose of grace for sinners. If that ultimate miracle is accepted—and one cannot be a Christian without accepting it—then a lesser miracle is no barrier. Indeed, the prophet making predictions of future events is not a problem; it is, as Isaiah intended it to be, encouraging evidence of God’s sovereign salvation intercepting a sinful world.

Heads Up!

Guess what? Life on earth doesn’t always go the way you expect or even hope for. But…our hope is not focused down. It’s focused ahead, and up! 

Those who follow Jesus have a remarkable and lasting treasure – SALVATION. Not merely a religious experience in the past, salvation is a divine gift that unfolds in glory over time, and will flourish in the experience of eternity. Because this is true, Peter writes to raise the hopeful eyes of his fellow followers.


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