Christ Community Church is filled with servants and volunteers who help to lead a variety of ministries. In order to communicate with the larger body about the events happening around the church, we ask that all ministries complete a Communication Request Form. This helps us to gather information in one location so it can be reviewed by staff.

Before using the link below to fill out the form, please read the Lead Times information below. 

Below are the general lead times on communication and production requests. Please note that these are minimum estimates (no work begins without ICT approval - ICT meets weekly on Tuesdays - please factor in any approval time necessary to your lead times) and your project may require more lead time depending on the complexity.
Please request time as soon as possible so we can start the conversation and help you accomplish your project goals.
[Not all projects will or can be pursued due to the limit on staff and resources. Projects are prioritized by many factors.]

Most requests 2 weeks
Announcement Video 2 weeks*
Hand out/flyer/postcard/printed piece 3 weeks**
Website Page Update 2 weeks
App Push notification 2 weeks
App Push notification plan 2 weeks prior to start of plan
Short Video Project Under 5 Minutes*** 2 weeks
Long Video Project Over 5 Minutes*** 6 weeks

*We plan services and time allotment for announcement videos as far as out as 12 weeks. Depending on service elements, not all requests will be approved.

** As a general rule, we do not hand out printed pieces unless they are part of a special promotion [kick-offs, special church-wide events, community invitations]. Best practice is use the Mobile App
for notifications and to think of printed handouts as a last resort at your registration/sign up table.

***Video Projects need time.  Schedule early.  Only 2 short or 1 long project can be scheduled at one time.  Having a detailed plan of what your message is and what video footage you want will keep the project moving. We cannot create or script your video for you. You will need to use a team within your ministry area to think the video through and have a working plan. Your project needs a video director, someone on your team will need to work closely with production staff to preview, review and provide final approval for your video.

We do not send a weekly email, so the more advanced notice you give, the more likely we can incorporate your request other communication.
We look forward to communicating with you to provide insight and perhaps suggestions as to the best ways to communicate your program, event, story, etc. We look forward to working with you and helping you share your project within the mission of connecting people to life-defining relationships in Christ!

Communication Request Form

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