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Winsome - Study #5

Posted by Kip Hamby on

Experiencing the Change of the Good News


Sunday’s Teaching: This week’s teaching focused on seven changes that the Holy Spirit brings into our life when we are saved. These changes, if properly understood and valued, should be effective motivators for us in sharing our faith.


Let’s get STARTED warm up by discussing the following:

  • What is something that you remember getting excited about from your past, and naturally talked to others about? (e.g., your first nice/cool car, your team winning the big game, your first child, etc.)
  • Describe the emotions that you felt when sharing this with others.
  • How does that compare to your normal experience of sharing your faith?   


Let’s Explore in the WORD

  • 2 Corinthians 5:17 describes the change the Holy Spirit brings in our life at conversion. Share about a change he has brought into your life—whether someone old that’s gone or something new that’s come.
  • Which of the seven facets of salvation did you resonate with most, and why? (reconciliation, redemption, regeneration, rescue, taking up residence, increased responsiveness, and imputing righteousness)
  • Read 2 Corinthians 5:18-20.
    • Share about a time when a broken human relationship became friendly and healthy once again.
    • Let it sink in for a moment that God has entrusted you with the message of reconciliation. What does that say about how God views us? Does this motivate you to share the good news or not?
  • Read the parable of the seed growing in Mark 4:26-29. How can the idea of “mystery” (in our regeneration) be helpful to us in our personal evangelism?
  • Do you relate to the idea of a more dramatic rescue from your sin, or more to the idea of a more quiet conversion? What can be the pros or cons for each, so to speak?


Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION

Who is someone in your life right now who would benefit from “the Great Exchange?” (being on the positive receiving end of 2 Corinthians 5:21). What could be your next step with them? Take some to time to pray for them now, and throughout your week.

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