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Connect Group Questions

Winsome - Study #2

Posted by David Staff on

Admitting our Need for the Good News


Sunday’s Teaching: This week’s teaching focused on two men of whom Jesus spoke (Luke 18:9-14), one a (self-confident, religious) Pharisee, the other a (dreaded) tax-collector. Surprisingly, the one who “went home justified” was (arguably) the greater sinner. Such an outcome would have been met with surprise and shock by those in Jesus’ day.


Let’s get STARTED warm up by discussing the following:

  • When thinking about the two men in Luke 18:9-14, which one do you personally identify with? What’s behind your answer?
  • Which one do you think more people would self-identify?
  • Do you think that all people are either one or the other? Explain your thinking.


Let’s Explore in the WORD

On Sunday, we took some time to explore the WINSOME devotional. Take some time to review the “Suggested tips” on using this:

#1 Understand how it’s organized (Table of Contents, pp.2-3)

#2 Listen to “the good news” in the introduction (pp.4-5)

#3 Interact with and talk to the Spirit of God over on the

  • Journal Summary pages (after a section)

#4 Master the DIAGRAM pages (pp.62-63)…

  • The Bridge
  • The 4 Arrows

…by practicing drawing and explaining them with your family members, your Connect Group members, others.

 **TIP:   tell “your story” by using a diagram

#5 Be ready to use the SUGGESTED PRAYERS (p.64)

#6 Assess where you are with Life Question #4 (p.166)

#7 Listen to Beyond the Sermon Podcast Episodes #5 and #6             


In your group…

(1) Listen to a “Beyond the Sermon” podcast

- Episode #5  “What is sin? Why is it serious with God?”

 as you listen, jot insights about sin and explaining it to others

(2) DISCUSS:  how would you explain “sin” to others, and why does sin separate us from God.

Finally, look at the devotional on page 14 of Winsome.  In John 8:21-25, how does our Savior describe the consequences of not believing in Him?  


Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION

Becoming more intentional about inviting  people across the “welcome mat” toward Jesus can, quite frankly, be a bit frightening. It is something our spiritual enemy does not want us to do. So there is also some spiritual opposition, or “warfare,” involved. So…finish by taking some time by specifically praying for COURAGE and OPPORTUNITY to share the good news with others. Can you pray for someone who has drifted away from God.

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