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Joy to the World - Study #2

Posted by David Staff on

The (“That’s me!”) Joy of Mary – Luke 1:39-55


Sunday’s Teaching honed in one of life’s most joyful occurrences, namely, when we experience the “that’s me” joy of being in the hand and plan of a God who always keeps His promisesGod makes a habit of regarding and exalting the humble, debasing and bringing low the arrogant, and by His great mercy, will always come through on what He has promised.


Let’s get STARTED warm up by discussing the following:

What “That’s me!” moments have you experienced in Scripture? This would be a time when you were reading in the Bible, and what you were reading described you or your situation so closely that you thought, if not said out loud, “That’s me!” It could be…

  • a discovery that’s me moment – something God’s word shows you about your relationship with Him that blows you away
  • a sober up that’s me moment – something God’s word illustrates or describes that highlights an area in life that needs to be corrected
  • a I need this that’s me moment – something God’s word reveals that meets a particular need in your current situation

When has this happened to you?…and why are having “that’s me” moments in Scripture so important?


Let’s Explore in the WORD

Christmas is the season we worship God our Father for sending God the Son to become human, in His human birth through Mary’s womb. Mary’s response to the angel’s word (Luke 1:26-38), and to God using her this way, was to be a joyful servant in God’s hands and plans. 

Nonetheless, in serving the Lord in this way, in bearing and raising God’s messiah, even early on Mary faced some incredible challenges. Invest some moments with the following passages to (1) identify the challenge Mary faced, (2) discuss what she had to trust God for in that situation, and (3) explore “When have I been called to joyfully trust God in a similar way?”


a) Matthew 1:18-25 

b) Matthew 2:1-9,13-18          

c) Matthew 2:19-23 

d) Luke 2:1-7 

e) Luke 2:22-35

What does James 1:2-8 help us understand how to stay joyful when navigating through choppy waters?


Let’s Prioritize APPLICATION

Finally, have everyone in the group offer some specific sharing over these questions:

  • Do I/we sense that I am in God’s hand/plan right now? In what way?
  • What promises am I/we trusting God to keep when it comes to my life and my future?

Then, pray for one another with respect to the promises of God which are important in life these days.

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