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ALL Thursday evening activities cancelled, Feb 13. No Town Hall, Upward Open Gym or Practices.

Connect Group Questions

Engage the Spirit - Study #9

Posted by David Staff on

Engaging the Spirit’s Gifting  This Week’s Teaching Idea:  The Spirit’s flow through each of us was Jesus’ actual expectation.  His life like a fountain brings His life to us and to others.   GETTING STARTED So much information comes-and-goes in...

Engage the Spirit - Study #8

Posted by Kyle Bartholic on

BEGIN WITH YOUR HEART   Paul is convinced that strength for the Christian life only comes from the personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Begin by praying as individuals and as a group, ask the Spirit to reveal what part of Jesus’ character needs to be strengthened in you this...

Engage the Spirit - Study #7

Posted by David Staff on

Engaging the Spirit’s Gifting This Week’s Teaching Idea:   In the flow of God’s Spirit you are gifted.  You are the gift the Body of Christ needs.  You are gifted in the way the Spirit desires.  THEREFORE, be the gift in the Spirit’s flow GETTING...

REACH Sunday - Study

Posted by Brent Thomas on

    Connect Group Questions For the Message: What is so Compelling about the Love of Christ? Luke 7:36-50 Open Up: Share about a time when you experienced unconditional love. How did it make an impact on you? Why do you think it was a memorable moment?  Dig In: Read...

Engage the Spirit—Study #6

Posted by David Staff on

This Week’s Teaching Idea:    Praying in (or by) the Holy Spirit is to responsively pray at His prompting, about His concerns arising from attacks which threaten the faith of God’s people. While the Spirit can prompt us to pray about all kinds of things &ndash...

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