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Connect Group Questions

Cord of Three Strands - Study #1

Posted by David Staff on

PESPECTIVE: The Reality of Tough Stuff Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 This week’s CGS launches our “Cord of Three Strands” Fall Gather Teaching series. This week’s teaching focused on the question “From where does the tough stuff come?” It may well be that your group...

Jonah - Study #6

Posted by David Staff on

Jonah – When God’s Heart beats within What in our lives will change under Jonah’s call? This week’s teaching recapped key lessons from the 3 major features of Jonah’s story: A Prophet (what has God’s Spirit taught us through Jonah), a Whale (what has...

Jonah - Study #5

Posted by David Staff on

Jonah 4: Challenging a Mis-Aligned Heart What’s the greatest miracle found in Jonah’s account? This week’s teaching highlighted a LONG but IMPORTANT lesson emerging from the final chapter of Jonah; namely, that the many supernatural interventions in this OT book are: To...

Jonah - Study #4

Posted by David Staff on

Jonah 3: The God of Second Chances Why didn’t God cut loose on Ninevah like He declared? This week’s teaching highlighted the importance of responding wisely and humbly to a God who, graciously, gives people second chances to respond to His offer of forgiveness and life. ...

Jonah - Study #3

Posted by David Staff on

Jonah 2: From Running to Repentance Can someone be too far away that God won’t hear? This week’s teaching highlighted Jonah’s discovery that swallowed by distress, repentance can replace rebellion through humble worship. Jonah’s second chapter recounted how Jonah...

Jonah—Study #1

Posted by David Staff on

Getting Started (read the following together): Timothy Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, suggest that the book of Jonah seems to be about many things (The Prodigal Prophet, pp.1-2): “Is it about race and nationalism, since Jonah seems to be more...

Run the Race Well

Posted by Kip Hamby on

Let Us Run GETTING STARTED Share about a race that you ran that stuck out to you, either as a kid or an adult. What made it memorable? (If you can’t think of one, you can borrow one from the Olympics, a movie, or someone else’s race.) Who in your life has been the greatest...

Storm Strong Families - Study #10

Posted by Aaron Rosheim on

Storm Strong Families Need the Church   As we wrap up this series, what big picture highlights would you like to share with your group? Did this series live up to your expectations? Why or why not? Read the two main theme passages for this series (Psalm 127:1 and Matthew...

Storm Strong Families - Study #9

Posted by Kyle Bartholic on

Storm Strong Families – Clearing the Fog BEGIN WITH YOUR HEART Keeping God’s values centered in my life is hard work. Before you look in God’s Word, pray through each question below as a group. What do I need to praise God for today? What do I need to confess to God...

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